C'Lestial Borzoi Reach for the Stars

C’Lestial’s Blast from the Past

These are the dogs that have gotten C’Lestial Borzoi where it is today.
They have helped achieve dogs who are:
Possess Wonderful Temperaments not just as companions but as performance competitors.
Possess tremendous excitement for chasing the lure and have terrific speed to do so in a highly competitive environment.
Possess conformation that can finish in the AKC and UKC show rings and have gotten so far as AKC Group 1 amateur/owner handled.

Brie – CH Lothlorien Brie Zephyr’s Reach JC
Brie was the reason I bred my first litter. She was my ideal in the sense that she is what I wish all my borzoi to look like. She is always in my mind’s eye when I breed a litter.

Coca Mocha - FC C’Lestial Larissa SC LCM3 JOR
Coca Mocha was a Brie daughter who produced Casino and Fortune for me. She had a long and healthy life and was a terrific lure courser.

Riser – C’Lestial Midnight Fire FC ROM – Riser was another Brie daughter from my second breeding. She was very beautiful and was bred to Fargo – CH Osdow av Fjascho JC and produced an extremely important litter for me including Electra, Sofia, Voodoo, Dice and Azimuth.

Casino – FC C’Lestial Casino Royale SC FC SGRC JOR
Casino was a beautiful and very fast, keen dog. He hated to show so that was that. He produced some wonderful get for me and was tremendously important in my breeding program.

– BIF FC C’Lestial Wheel of Fortune of Fortune SC LCM GRC JOR
Fortune was an unbelievable lure courser which was definitely her preferred performance event. Like her brother Casino she was not a fan of the show ring. She produced some fabulous dogs from me including Jericho who was the 2013 #1 AKC lure coursing borzoi.

– DC C’Lestial High Voltage SC FC SGRC SORC JOR
Electra was very close to Brie in appearance. She possessed incredible speed and was very rarely defeated in any performance endeavor that was based on speed. She was a tremendous competitor. She was also a very good show dog and finished her AKC Championship with 4 majors in 8 shows. She produced some wonderful borzoi for me and is a grandmother to most of my current stars.

– FC C’Lestial High Society SC LCM SGRC ORC JOR
Sofia is Electra’s sister and was also a fantastic performance bitch. She is still a joy to live with and produced 3 litters with many stars sprinkled throughout.
Voodoo – DC C’Lestial High Jinx SC FC GRC
A wonderful bitch with a wonderful personality. She had speed to burn and was always keen to run. She was a fabulous mover and had a lot of success in the show ring including multiple BOB wins from the classes.

Dice – FC C’Lestial High Roller SC FC JOR
Dice was a wonderful performance dog. He sired some very nice litters and one son that I thought was very outstanding named Tristan – CH C’Lestial White Knight of Ryhka who finished with multiple majors very quickly.

Azimuth – C’Lestial High Altitude
Azimuth sired one litter out of CH Fantasia of the Wild Hunt SC FC . Out of that breeding came numerous champions. Caprice and Opel were the two bitches from that litter that have produced incredibly well for me.

Junot - C'Lestial Pure Perfection SC FCH
Junot has competed in both ASFA and AKC lure coursing. He has sired 7 litters and I am more than pleased with the results. jun1
Sofia- FC C'Lestial High Society SC LCM SGRC ORC JOR
Sofia finished all her performance titles quite easily.  She loved to do it all and did it well. Sofia had 2 exceptional bitches from her first litter.  One is Reno - Grand Champion C'Lestial Orient Express  who is owned by Mike and Diane Bilak.  Mike was handling her and took a Group 1 in Elgin IL

Hana - C’Lestial Hanky Panky SC


UKC CH AKC FC C'Lestial Northern Lights of Ryhka SC FCH GRC JOR