C'Lestial Borzoi Reach for the Stars

AKC Lure Coursing -

You do not need a JC (Junior Courser) to enter an AKC lure coursing trial.  You need to get a QC (Qualifed courser) certificate which states that the dog has competed cleanly with another dog of the same or similar breed.  The dog needs 15 points with 2 majors under two different judges to complete an AKC FC.

It takes 5 Borzoi for a 3 point major and the 2nd place dog gets 1 point. 
8 Borzoi are needed for a 4 point major and the 2nd place dog gets 2 point and the 3rd place dog gets 1 point.  It takes 10 Borzoi for a 5 point major and 2nd place gets 3 singles and 3rd place gets 2 single points.

AKC is generally more difficult for a dog to complete their field championship due to the higher number of the breed required run against in order to earn points because winning a major requires beating more dogs than in ASFA

The AKC Lure Coursing Calendar of events Can be found below