Lure Coursing Titles AKC - FC (Field Champion goes in front of registered name.  LCX (Lure Courser Excellent (goes after name) SC (Senior Courser), JC (Junior Courser) CH in front of name (Breed Champion) GR CH (Grand Champion in front of name) ASFA - FC (goes after name) Field Champion, LCM (Lure Courser of Merit (goes after name, LCM2 or 3 or 4 also goes after name. ORC (Oval Racing Champion) after name JOR (Junior Oval Racer) SOR (Senior Oval Racer SORC - Supreme Oval Racer GRC (Gazehound Racing Champion) goes after name and this is a Straight Racing Title SGRC (Superior Gazehound Racing Champion. BIF - Best in Field BOB - Best of Breed