Borzoi Markings Guide

One of the most difficult thing for people new to borzoi to learn other than their colors are the markings. Below I hope to make it just a little clearer what we mean when a dog is described as an irish marked, brindle, or a host of others!

Just click on the Links below to see a description as well as a few photos to compare with. Just as a note, some breeders may use different terms, but these are what I have found to be most common. As well, these marking designations may be used together in order to describe a borzoi’s coat.


The most dominant marking is self. These are borzoi whom are all the same color such as a self black or self red.

Irish Marked

Irish marked or “white trim” is when there exists more dominant color than white. These borzoi will not exhibit spots, but will have smaller areas of white amongst their dominant color.


Spotted borzoi will generally have much more white with spots of color. Selfs, Irish marked, and spotted borzoi can all produce the spotted trait.


Brindle is a combination of colors in irregular streaks. All brindles are genetically red, but they may appear to be black, mahogany, silver, cream, orange, silver cream, blue and almost white in appearance.


Sabled borzoi have a second layer of color, usually black overlying their coats. This color is not dominant, but overlays their coat.

Some borzoi develop masks, this is just a term to describe a sabled coat that is found on and around their muzzle.