Borzoi Coat Color Variations

Borzoi come in an incredible variety of colors and patterns. This fact just enhances the fantastic qualities of the breed. In the following links you can see many examples of the colors which I have bred and how they get their description. Hope you enjoy!


Dominant Black is the only color that is capable of producing all colors and is therefore the most dominant color.


Many reds have black masks which are inherited separately from color.  Many also have sabling (black tipping on the ends of the coat hairs) which also change the appearance of the coat. 
The above examples are all bright reds without sabling or black masks.


Golds are a red dilute and are very common as red is the most common genetic color in borzoi.  In fact borzoi who appear to be completely white are not.  There are no pure white borzoi and there never were or will be.  All the borzoi who present white are genetically red and white and can and will produce red when bred. 


Brindle is a pattern on color.  All brindles are genetically red brindles but they may appear to be black, mahogany, silver, cream, orange, silver cream, blue, and almost white in appearance. 
You can get self brindles of any color.
IM brindles of any color and spotted of any colors.

Tri is the most recessive color and cannot produce any color more dominant than itself.  In fact they can't even produce their own color unless they are bred to another dog that is themselves a tri or carries the tri color gene. 


Dilute Dominant Black

Sometimes called blue and sometimes silver.  Some breeders think that if the animal is fully black pigmented they should be called silver and not blue as many blues have a brownish pigment which is considered less than ideal.  

The examples you will see have inky black pigment.