C'Lestial Borzoi Reach for the Stars

Grooming a Borzoi

Borzoi have a wonderful coat this is said to be self cleaning. This is due to it’s silky nature which doesn’t allow dirt to stick to them well. . It is usually best to let them dry if they are muddy because it will fall out when it dries and leave you with a much cleaner dog.

When bathing your borzoi, only bath them at maximum once a week in order to save the oil in the coat, leaving it healthy and beautiful.

Trimming your borzoi is very minimal and usually kept to trimming tufts of the ear, hocks, and the tuck up..
Standard grooming accessories most owners keep around are:

Greyhound comb
Thinning shears
Regular scissors
Smooth pin brush

One important thing is misting the coat with water to not break the hair. When your borzoi begins to shed, you must be vigilant to not allow mats to form. At the first sign of them shedding, get rid of the loose hair with a comb and brush often in order to allow the new coat to come in and prevent matting.