C'Lestial Borzoi Reach for the Stars

Borzoi Coat Color Variations

Borzoi come in an incredible variety of colors and patterns. This fact just enhances the fantastic qualities of the breed. In the following links you can see many examples of the colors which I have bred and how they get their description. Hope you enjoy!

About their coats:

Males coats will be more profuse, with thicker neck frill and longer coat on the fore chest. Borzoi hair should be long and silky, not wooly. The coats can be either of three types: flat, wavy, or curly. The head and ears and front of legs is short and smooth. On the neck, the frill should be profuse and rather curly while feather on hind quarters and tail long and profuse; this is less so on chest and back of forelegs

Texture- This is much more important than the amount of waviness or curliness. Should be silky, not wooly, wirey or harsh. Coats in good condition will be soft and lustrous. Often after shedding, the texture may be coarse for a short time.

Click the Link to see examples of the color types, or select from the drop down list

Black Red Gold Brindle Tri Color Dilute Dominant Black