C'Lestial Borzoi Reach for the Stars

UKC CH FC C'Lestial Rose of Jericho SC LCX FC **2013 and 2014 #1 AKC Lure Coursing Borzoi**

Call Name: Jericho
Date of Birth: 5/14/2011
Sire: C’Lestial Pure Perfection SC, FCH
Dam: BIF FC C’Lestial Wheel of Fortune SC, LCM, GRC, JOR
Colors and Marking: Gold / White Trim
DM Clear

Jericho competed in AKC Lure Coursing for 5 days.  She completed her AKC Field Championship with 4 majors and 3 BOB's with one 2nd to a 5 point major in her first day out.   I just started Jericho in running in ASFA a few weeks ago and she has accrued all her placements and just needs 30 points to finish her Field Championship. I have never competed for an LCX before but decided to do so with Jericho.  I took her to the OKIGO trial on 10/5/13 and she won BIF for her first 5 points.  She took BOB the next day so her first weekend she's up to 8 points.  Jericho is a running tribute to her dam Fortune who is still at 9 years of age a terrific runner and she proved it when I ran her just a few months ago in TN and she bested a 5 and a 6 year old in the Specials stake. Two weeks after winning BIF Jericho went BOB at the Midwest Borzoi Club Borzoi Specialty AKC Lure Coursing Trial held in MI on 10/20/13.  There were 13 borzoi competing.  10 Opens and 3 Specials.